Gin Mare (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)

Gin Mare (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)

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Buy 2 Gin Mare Bottles & Get 1 Gin Mare Bottle Free*

(Includes 02 x Gin Mare Copa Glass (600ml))

*Limited to 30 sets

Alcohol Content 42.7%
Size (bottle/ml)
Country of Origin

Gin Mare is a true representation of craftsmanship using experience passed through generations in its production processes whilst paying attention to every detail to assure a Gin of the highest of quality.
Gin Mare is crafted with a blend of single distillates of each of its botanicals. This allows the master distiller to always deliver the same exceptional gin. Gin Mare starts with a premium barley base, combined with a delicate maceration of 36 to 48 hours and independent distillation process of each botanical, finalised by its signature blending which allows all the characteristics of each botanical to be expressed in the final product. Our citrus are peeled by hand and then macerated for 12 months in small aluminum tanks.

Main Ingredients
Arbequine Olives (Spain)
Basil (Italy)
Thyme (Turkey)
Rosemary (Greece)