Hahn Superdry Draught (Low Carb)

Hahn Superdry Draught (Low Carb)

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Hahn Superdry is a refreshing crisp lager with fewer carbohydrates than regular beers. 

Brewed using the finest ingredients with no preservatives or additives, its enhanced brewing process breaks down more of the natural sugars to deliver a Super Dry taste with only a third of the carbs as compared to other full-strength beer.

Alcohol Content 4.6%
Size (keg/L) 50L
Country of Origin Australia

Your Draught Beer order comes with:
1. Beer keg
2. Free use of Party Box Tap
3. Free CO2 tank
4. Free plastic cups
5. Set-up of beer tap
6. Collection of Equipment

Ice to fill the party box is to be purchased separately by you. Please note that ice is NOT included in your delivery. The recommended amount of ice to order is 1.5(18kg) bags of ice per keg. You may wish to contact Tuck Lee Delivery at 1800 222 3777.