Ron Valdeflores Blanco

Ron Valdeflores Blanco

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Valdeflores Rum is an agricultural rum from Mexico. Our distillates are made from of sugarcane juice.
Once the cane is cooked, it is ground to extract the juice, which will be fermented immediately. To obtain an innocuous product, fermentation is done in stainless steel tubs. After distilling, it is allowed to ripen in new American oak barrels, with a medium toast, not to dull the flavors of the cane. #handcrafted #organic

Ron Valdeflores Blanco is an agricole style rum crafted in the highlands of Oaxaca’s Sierra Madre. Pure Mexican grown organic sugar cane juice is distilled in handmade pot stills to create a uniquely flavored spirit that is then matured between 6 to 18 months in new American oak barrels.
View: A pale yellow tone with silver sparkles is perceived.
Nose: It reflects his youth with pleasant and subtle notes, highlighting aromas of coconut, star anise, cocoa, menthol, white tea, pineapple, orange peel and a scent at the end reminiscent of Chinese melon.
Mouth: Subtle attack that confirms the notes of cocoa, coconut and white tea, integrating an aftertaste of orange peel oil. It is a young and pleasant palate rum, suitable to suggest as an appetizer.

Alcohol Content 43.0%
Size (bottle/ml)
Country of Origin